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Our Mission Statement

"Tawny Owl Wood™ will endeavor to inspire to lead by example and write thought provoking children’s books which captivates the imagination bringing together fantasy and reality to create a world of diversity and inclusivity while trying to break down social barriers. Tawny Owl Wood will also inspire to create beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable books to help protect the environment and to help last for generation after generation."


Three Picture Book Bundle

Tawny Owl Wood – A New Arrival PRE ORDER

Tawny Owl Wood – The Rainy Day PRE ORDER

Tawny Owl Wood – Finding the Old Oak Tree

Tawny Owl Wood – Christmas Time

Tawny Owl Wood – Winter Time

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Meet the Creators

Louise A Shaw – The Author

Lesley Hart – The Editor

Sarah-Leigh Walton - The Illustrator