Searching for this picture, brings back many wonderful memories for me. 

This picture of Margaret M. Tarrant’s The Fairy Troupe, was given to me, framed in a white wooden vintage frame by my Grandmother, Betty. 

It proudly sat on my dressing table next to my bed and inside the back, I placed a hand written letter from Fairy Bluebell, which is still there to this day. Fairy Bluebell used to visit me, when I least expected and leave me letters and gifts on my windowsill. 

As a child, the magic of this moment is one I will be able to relive forever. Despite having found out, in later life, that it was my Grandmother who wrote the letters. It by no means detracted from the magic.   

I grew up with my Grandmother in the 1980’s, who was the kindest most gentle of souls. She saw beauty in every being and she taught me some valuable life lessons, that I hope I have been able to use within my own life and retell throughout the Tawny Owl Wood Series. Without her input in my own young childhood, Tawny Owl Wood and it’s ethos would have have been created. What a wonderful thought it is, to think that my Grandmother gave me the tools to make it happen.

My Grandmother, has been and will be forever the inspiration at the very heart of Tawny Owl Wood. 

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had such a wonderful grandmother to teach and guide me through my childhood and into my adulthood.  

My wonderful memory was passed down to my own daughter, Emilia. Fairy Bluebell, as I always knew this picture to be, was given to Emilia, for the next generation to watch over her. 

Emilia has always been instrumental in the design and writing of Tawny Owl Wood and it has been such a pleasure to share our journey together as Mother and Daughter. And also to share this exciting experience and journey with my other children, Jay, Cameron and Alfie and my partner Phil.